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Welcome to My Solo Traveling Journey!

Sezen - She is a solo traveler in New York

Hello everyone! I am Sezen, a solo traveler with a passion for exploring new places and sharing my adventures. I'm thrilled to be here, launching my very own website to complement my Instagram account, which I started back in May 2023. This platform is a canvas for my solo adventures, travel tips, and memorable experiences, aimed at those who share a love for travel and discovery.

A Bit About Me

My solo journey began in earnest when I moved from my home in Turkey to Oxford, England, for my Master's studies in 2008. While student life was an adventure, the real challenge came when I decided to stay in Oxford for work. This period marked my first foray into embracing solitude – learning to enjoy my own company in a culture where individualism and family time often take precedence over socializing.

Sezen in Oxford back in 2008

Cinema trips, solo excursions to London, concerts, theaters, and dining alone at posh restaurants or cozy pubs became my cherished activities. These experiences, which I initially shared with friends, turned into empowering solo adventures. Working in the pharmaceutical industry, organizing congresses and company events, I seized opportunities to travel, often extending my business trips in European cities like Paris, Milan, and Oslo to explore on my own.

Life brought me back to Turkey, where socializing was easier, but as time passed, finding travel companions became challenging. Post-COVID, I embraced solo travel more than ever, visiting friends or extending business trips for personal exploration. It was then that I fully realized solo travel is not just a choice, but a lifestyle that resonates deeply with me.

Why I Started Solo Traveling - My Instagram and This Website

After years in marketing, utilizing social media and content writing as part of my job, I decided to apply these skills to my passion for solo travel. Creating content for something you love is incredibly fulfilling, and the supportive travel community I've found has been nothing short of amazing. Sharing experiences, growing our audience, and learning from one another have been integral parts of this journey.

She is a solo traveler in Brussels

What to Expect Here

On this website, I'll share detailed experiences, tips, and insights into solo female travel. Traveling alone as a woman comes with its unique challenges and joys. From selecting secure accommodations to understanding the safest neighborhoods, I hope to provide valuable guidance for those embarking on their solo adventures.

Thank you for joining me on this exciting journey. I look forward to exploring the world with you, one destination at a time!

Happy travels,


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