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About Me

I'm a seasoned marketing professional with 15 years of experience, a passionate graphic designer, and a lifelong bon vivant who finds joy in solo travel.


My journey began in the vibrant landscapes of Turkey, where I was born and raised. I then ventured into Europe for my studies and work, which marked the beginning of my international adventures.

Over the years, I've traversed through Europe, the US, and many other captivating destinations. My travels started as business trips, but soon, I discovered the allure of extending these trips to explore new places on my own. The joy of solo travel unexpectedly captivated me, leading me to embrace it wholeheartedly.

In May 2023, I took a leap and created an Instagram account to share my travel stories and experiences:  This platform became a canvas for my adventures and reflections as a solo traveler. Balancing my full-time marketing career, I've been journeying across the globe, ticking off numerous destinations from my ever-growing travel list.

On this website, I'm excited to share my experiences as a female solo traveler. Traveling alone as a woman presents its unique set of challenges and joys, quite different from traveling with partners, friends, or family. Through my stories, I aim to inspire and assist other women who share this passion for solo adventures.

Join me as I navigate the world, one destination at a time, blending my love for marketing, design, and the thrill of discovering new places solo. Let's explore the world together!


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