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Oxford Unveiled: A Personal Journey Through the City of Dreaming Spires

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I'm thrilled to share my first travel tip post with you all, and what better way to kickstart this journey than by revisiting my favorite place on Earth – Oxford. This magical city, where I lived from 2008 to 2012, holds a special place in my heart. My connection with Oxford began when I came here for my master's degree at Oxford Brookes University. The charm of the city captivated me so deeply that I decided to stay and work here after completing my studies.

Oxford, with its blend of historic beauty and vibrant culture, has been an endless source of inspiration for me. Join me as I take you through my favorite spots and hidden gems in this enchanting city, sharing my personal experiences and memories along the way. Let's take a look at my Oxford day trip list and explore the city's wonders together:

All aboard for an unforgettable day trip from London to Oxford! Just 45 minutes from Paddington and you're in the heart of Oxford. 🏰

For a trip from London to Oxford, you have two convenient options:

  • 🚂 The train, operated by Great Western Railway from London Paddington, takes about an hour and offers frequent services. Tickets can be easily purchased through the Trainline app, often at a discount.

  • 🚌 Alternatively, the Oxford Tube bus service is another option, though the journey time of approximately 1.5 to 2 hours depends on traffic. Both methods provide comfortable and efficient ways to travel between these two iconic cities.

1- Cornmarket Street

Arriving at Oxford Train Station, conveniently located just a brisk 10-minute walk from the city center, I began my exploration on George Street. A turn onto Cornmarket Street led me through one of Oxford's main shopping street.

I indulged in a delightful brunch, with the avocado toast standing out as a memorable highlight. This part of my journey beautifully intertwined Oxford's historic allure with its evolving culinary scene at Cosy Oxford.

2- Covered Market

Next, I visited the Covered Market, an Oxford gem since the 18th century. This lively market is a hub of activity, featuring a variety of shops and eateries, each offering a glimpse into the local lifestyle. Strolling through, I enjoyed the vibrant atmosphere and the rich aromas of fresh local produce and artisanal foods. It's a must-visit for anyone wanting to experience the authentic heart of Oxford.

3- New College Lane

From the Covered Market, I wandered into New College Lane, an enchanting walkway that captures the essence of Oxford's scholarly atmosphere. The lane, with its historic charm and ivy-clad walls, creates a sense of stepping back in time.

4- The Turf Tavern Pub

This path brought me to the hidden treasure of The Turf Tavern Pub, nestled away from the main streets. Known for its rich history and traditional English pub feel, The Turf Tavern provided a cozy and authentic experience, immersing me in the local culture and offering a quiet retreat from the bustling city. At the barman's recommendation, I enjoyed a pint of their celebrated '1381' ale 🍺, a perfect homage to its rich heritage. For the inquisitive soul in Oxford, the Turf Tavern is a treasured find on your journey 🗺️✨

5- Radcliffe Camera

My visit to the Radcliffe Camera was a highlight of the trip. This impressive circular building, known for its distinctive dome, is a standout in Oxford's architecture. It's a part of the famous Bodleian Library and represents Oxford's academic history. Walking around it, I felt surrounded by centuries of knowledge and learning. Its unique design made for a perfect photo, capturing a piece of Oxford's scholarly heart.

6- High Street

My stroll along High Street in Oxford was a journey through the city's vibrant and historic core. This street is lined with a mix of classic and modern shops, cozy cafes, and impressive university buildings, reflecting the city's unique blend of tradition and contemporary life.

7- Christ Church

Simply head south along High Street, a journey that showcases the city's vibrant street life and historic architecture, St. Aldates. Soon, you'll arrive at the majestic gates of Christ Church.

At Christ Church in Oxford, the magnificent Dining Hall, famous for inspiring the Hogwarts Great Hall in the Harry Potter films, is a highlight. The hall's grandeur, with its high ceilings and portrait-lined walls, echoes the magical ambiance of the movies. While the hall wasn't used for filming, other areas of Christ Church, including its staircase and cloisters, appeared in various Harry Potter scenes. The entry to this historic college, including the dining hall, is £18, offering visitors a chance to step into a world that blends academic tradition with cinematic wonder.

For more detailed information, you can visit What's Hot Blog and Oxford Scholastica. Additionally, the Harry Potter Highlights Tour provides a guided experience of the film's key locations in Oxford.

8- Saint Aldates G&D’s

G&D's on St Aldates, my go-to café for studying and reading during my university days, always brings back great memories. Enjoying their "White Gold" ice cream flavor was a nostalgic reminder of the many hours I spent here, immersed in the vibrant student life of Oxford.

9 - Westgate Shopping Center

The Westgate Shopping Centre in Oxford, dramatically expanded since 2012, is now a vast retail space featuring a mix of shops, restaurants, and a cinema. Its rooftop terrace offers stunning views of the city, making it a popular destination for both shopping and dining in a scenic setting.

For more details, you can check the Westgate Oxford official website and The Oxford Magazine for additional information.

10- Bicester Village

Wrapping up the day trip in Oxford, a visit to Bicester Village is a must for luxury shopping enthusiasts. Just a short train ride from Oxford station, Bicester Village is a haven for those seeking high-end brands like Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, and Mulberry at outlet prices. And while you're indulging in retail therapy, don't forget to treat yourself to a delicious hot chocolate at Ralph's Coffee.

For more details about the offerings and experiences at Bicester Village, you can visit their official website.

As we wrap up this enchanting journey through Oxford 🏰, I hope you've been inspired by its timeless charm 🕰️ and hidden gems 💎. Stay tuned 📻 and don't forget to check my website regularly for more travel tips and tales 🌍✈️. There's a world of adventures waiting to be shared! 🌟📖

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